Matt and Jess


This good-looking pair of transplants from Texas is us. No, not the drinks!  They are also a good looking pair and were quite tasty but are actually New Mexican (thank you, La Posta).

The short version is this: We grew up together in a tiny little town that nobody really knows exists except as an exit off the freeway just a few miles outside of El Paso, Texas. We were both homeschooled so we’re a bit weird. (You’ll have to excuse us if we show up at some event wearing questionable taste in clothes….) We may have been desert rats as kids but today, Matt lives in Maine and Jessica lives in California’s Bay Area. We have fun together.

For an absurdly lengthy bio of Matt, go here. If you want Matt’s super-boring professional bio from some other website, go….um…actually, we’re sorry to inform you that it doesn’t exist. This is not only because he isn’t super boring but because it just doesn’t exist. He does have a Ph.D. in Oncological Sciences from the University of Utah, if you want boring. In real life, he’s also a stay-at-home dad of 3 children under the age of 8, so he spends a lot of time cleaning up bodily fluids. The Ph.D. did not prepare him nearly as well as you might think for life as a Dad. (“Dad” is Matt’s mostly mature and responsible alter ego).  These sorts of exciting details, and more, can be found in the absurdly lengthy bio, the link for which is above.

For an absurdly lengthy bio of Jessica, go here. If you want Jessica’s super-boring professional bio from her other website for her other author persona, go here. Starting in 2017, she is also publishing amazing books by Africans, including an entire line of graphic novels, as the publisher/editor/General Girl Friday/will-work-for-books-owner of  Catalyst Press and Story Press Africa. And she also works as a publicist for Cinco Puntos Press. She’s a total ho for books.

We weren’t kidding when we said we were homeschooled.

We like to think we got cooler. But.