The Ankou are an ancient family that originated in eastern Europe.  In the massive tribal migrations of ancient Europe, the Ankou family settled in the area of modern day France.  The first written record of the Ankou comes from correspondence between Titus Libienus Morta, a legate under Gaius Julius Caesar, to Livia Morta, the Morta clan Matriarch in 52 B.C..  The Morta were the ancient latin Soul Guides of the Roman world who later became the Mors family of Italy.   A fracture in the Soul Guide families of Gaul caused an obscure rival clan to seek an alliance with the Roman Morta clan to destroy the Ankou. Although Gaul was captured by the Romans, the Ankou family survived and even spread throughout the Celtic diaspora. 
The Ankou were some of the early settlers of North America coming with Samuel Champlain to Canada and eventually migrating to New England and then to New Orleans with the Acadians. The treaty of the First Organized Synod of 1865 gave the Ankou most of Louisiana and parts of Mississippi and Texas as their ancestral territory within the U.S..