Everyone knows the Reapers. And everyone hates the Reapers. Descending from an ancient soul guide family in Europe, the Reapers came to North America early, established themselves quick, and have maintained power and hegemony ever since the great War Between Soul Guides. That’s when the Reaper Matriarch began using her superior powers to kidnap¬†soul guides in Limbo and hold them for ransom. Using the accumulated ransoms, she bargained for peace between all the soul guide families, establishing territorial rights for each clan. From that point on, no soul guide could reap the lucrative rewards of helping souls across the River Styx unless they were in their own territory.
The territorial restructuring became known as the First Organized Synod. For the Reaper clan, she kept the crown jewel: the Eastern Seaboard of the United States, the largest land grab in all of soul guide history. For others, she parceled out territories based on whims that nobody understood and remain hugely controversial.
To this day, the Reapers are the most hated soul guide family.